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      U型玻璃介绍 The Introduction on U-profile Glass


            U-profile glass originates from Austria. It also be produced over 35 years in Germany .As one of the typical materials which are used on large-scale building projects U-profile glass is applied extensively in Europe and America. The application for U-profile glass in China is dated from 1990s.And now many areas in China use it for its international-based design trend.


            U-profile glass is one kind of casting glasses .It’s progress of forming in the computer-control smelting furnace enables it to keep excellent quality and precision. Its high mechanical strength enables it to be fixed on high-rise buildings and other buildings which need good lighting. And this can saves the buildings from extra vertical and horizontal underpinning. U-profile glass featured by its good lighting, heat insulation and preservation, sound insulation and noise protection----it’s one of the new type environment-friendly and economical glasses.

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