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      服务热线/HOTLINE: 400-616-9838

      钢化处理tempering & heat soak testing

      laber创立了U形玻璃钢化处理多达 20'长和建造均质处理三维玻璃烤箱专用设备。 它们能保证钢化后的均质处理产量得到及时处理 。
      LABER originated the tempering process for channel glass up to 20' long and constructed custom tempering ovens exclusively for tempering three dimensional channel glass. Their machinery, procedures, and experience yield dimensionally consistent glass.

      钢化LABER U形玻璃经过二次钢化炉热处理后,使得玻璃的表面受力达到10,000 PSI或更大。 钢化U形玻璃强度比普通U形玻璃强度增加3至4倍以上,由于它破碎后碎片小。碎片边缘没有锋利的棱角,大大降低了伤害到人的可能性。 

      Tempered LABER channel glass is annealed channel glass that has undergone a second heat treatment in a tempering oven to strengthen the glass and raise the compression to 10,000 psi or greater. Tempered channel glass is three to four times stronger than annealed channel glass and is recognized by its break pattern - relatively small, harmless fragments. This phenomenon, called "dicing," markedly reduces the likelihood of injury to people as there are no jagged edges or large, sharp shards.

      不正确钢化U形玻璃通常会使产品变弯曲,扭曲 ,甚至无法安装使用。 不合格的钢化使得玻璃的强度降低。
      Improperly tempered channel glass typically exhibits bow, warp, and twist making it difficult or impossible to install. Poor tempering may also yield glass of inferior compression strength.

      安全玻璃(钢化Vs贴膜)Safety Glass (Tempered Vs. Film )

       Glass is a breakable material, which when broken into smaller sharp pieces often called shards, can cause serious injury. Safety channel glass, either tempered glass or safety filmed glass, reduces the risk of injury.
      Because of its added strength, tempered glass is less likely to break by contact. If it does break, the small fragments are less likely to cause injury. For annealed glass, safety film must be properly applied to all three inside faces to safely hold the large broken pieces in place until the glass can be safely removed by an experienced glazier. Safety film may de-laminate over time. Consult a reliable film manufacturer for details.



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