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      服务热线/HOTLINE: 400-616-9838

      LABER U 型玻璃表面压纹Glass Surface Textures & low iron

      细纹 pear-grain

      pear-grain - a hammered pearl or orange peel texture provides moderate translucency; features excellent light scattering properties.


      冰花 Ice

      Ice - an organic, heavily obscuring texture. Excellent for single glazed applications creating privacy or hiding views.


      清晰透明 Clear

      Clarissimo™ - without pattern, offers a high level of transparency for a rolled glass. Please note, the optical qualities of rolled glass are fundamentally incomparable with the surface and transparency of float glass as the production methods are vastly different. 


      超白玻璃 Low Iron

      This glass is a special production made with raw materials containing a low iron composition. The resultant glass is almost colorless, displaying a slight greenish cast, and is favored by many architects. A Lamberts exclusive. 


      For large projects, Lamberts will be pleased to discuss custom textures and sizes.

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